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We're starting a brand new fiction serial on the Sheep Might Fly podcast this week! The Bromancers (Belladonna University #3) continues the adventures of Hebe & Holly Hallow, Sage, Juniper and the rest of the Fake Geek Girl extended share house family.


Our favourite witchy rock band, Fake Geek Girl, are road-tripping to a magical music festival in a wi-fi free zone on the same weekend that the season finale of their favourite TV show drops. Can they avoid spoilers? Can Hebe, Holly, Juniper & Sage camp in tents for three days without murdering each other? Can coffee really fix EVERYTHING including missing band members, messy relationship drama and obsessive fan shenanigans? Friendship is magic, but if you pile too much friendship on top of too much magic over one weekend, the results are bound to be explosive.

EPISODE ONE: Hebe Plans For Failure

You can listen to the first two Belladonna University stories, Fake Geek Girl & Unmagical Boy Story, right here on Sheep Might Fly. Fake Geek Girl (Belladonna University #1) is also available as a free ebook. Unmagical Boy Story (Belladonna University #2) is available for sale from Kindle, Kobo, iBooks & more.

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