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Fake Geek Girl Part 1

Welcome to the brand new serial fiction podcast by author Tansy Rayner Roberts!

Our first story is "Fake Geek Girl," which was originally published in Review of Australian Fiction Volume 14, Issue 4. You can buy the issue containing the story directly from their website.

Meet Fake Geek Girl, the band that plays nerdy songs at the university bar every Friday night, to a mixture of magical and non-magical students: lead singer Holly writes songs based on her twin sister Hebe's love of geek culture though she doesn't really understand it; drummer Sage is an explosive sorcerous genius obsessing over whether Holly's about to quit the band to go mainstream; shy Juniper only just worked up the nerve to sing her own song in public and keeps a Jane Austen themed diary chronicling the lives and loves of her friends. When the mysterious, privileged Ferd joins their share house, everything starts to unravel...

In Episode 1, Hebe meets a boy she likes! With a phoenix tattoo! Hebe + Phoenix Boy = OTP

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