Science Fiction and Fantasy Webserials

Here we are, starting a brand new Sheep Might Fly serial!

"Unmagical Boy Story" is a 13-part sequel to "Fake Geek Girl," and is original to this podcast.

Viola Vale has a paper to write for an important academic conference - the last thing she should do is go to the pub with her ex-best friend and his new girlfriend, to listen to an indie band she hates. But this is Belladonna University, where a good night out means magical explosions, literal trolls, hexed cocktails and sparkle pixie hair product. One night out will change Viola's life, friendships and future forever...

Sheep Might Fly now has its own Twitter account: @sheepmightfly and its own Tumblr account: Sheep Might Fly Follow along for updates, previews and other Sheep Might Fly specific chatter!

Master list of Sheep Might Fly serials.

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