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Brand new episode is up of Sheep Might Fly, a podcast of serialised fiction written and read by Tansy Rayner Roberts. New original serial! Today we’re starting Dance, Princes, Dance, which is a direct sequel to Glass Slipper Scandal, which appeared on this podcast earlier in the year.

Welcome back to Castle Charming. Winter is upon us, which means the annual tournament of Rookery is underway, a game that pits Royals against Hounds. Meanwhile, fairies steal castle residents away each night, and persons unknown have run up a mysterious bill for far too many dancing shoes. When you live in a fairy tale kingdom, you have to expect to rescue the occasional prince -- but for Kai, Dennis and Ziyi, it's becoming a habit. Can the boys stop pining after each other long enough to step up as heroes?

PART 1: Armour Up

Fiction giveaway – until the end of November, you can claim a free copy of my Musketeer space opera novella Joyeux if you sign up for my author newsletter. Joyeux is a festive romp involving nano-viruses, mistletoe, royal politics, zero gravity sport, tragic backstories, unexpected snow inside space stations, sex, romance, banter and friendship. It’s also a prequel to my epic space opera novel Musketeer Space.

Thanks for listening to Sheep Might Fly. You can follow me on Twitter @tansyrr and @sheepmightfly, and Tumblr: tansyrr and sheepmightfly. Like my page on Facebook at TansyRRBooks.

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