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Final episode of Death at the Dragon Circus: Part 6, In Which Kurt Already Has A Job. This serial is now complete! Those of you who hate waiting between cliffhangers may listen at your leisure.

They used to be the Hammer and the Dove, a ruthless pair of living weapons for hire. Now they have reinvented themselves as Kurt and Inga Frostad, searching for all the key ingredients of a fresh start: a home, a community, a job that doesn't require them to kill people. The Dragon Circus may be exactly what they need, as long as their old life doesn't catch up with them...


Part 1: In Which Inga Was Not Expecting Dragons

Part 2: In Which Inga Learns To Fly

Part 3: In Which Brennan is Not a Civilian

Part 4, In Which Fin Needs A Friend

Part 5, In Which Kurt Has A Type

This novella was recently published in the ClanDestine anthology And Then: The Great Big Book Of Awesome Adventure Tales.

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Next week, we’re back to Belladonna University for a road trip, a music festival, and a whole lot of witchy shenanigans.

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